My research

Coping with Complex Environments: The Case of Digital Health Technology Producers

I am currently a PhD Candidate researching Digital Health, with focus on digital products which connect several sets of users (i.e. patients, doctors, carers, insurers).

My research is developed at two levels. First, I analyze the current state of affairs from the very beginning. I identify the stakeholders and how they come to interact and change each other. In this context, I track the emergence of the hybrid role of the new patient and what it means for other stakeholders (more in the conference paper Plurality of institutional logics in digital healthcare: The rise of the hybrid patient). At the second level of my research, I have three case studies of these fantastic Digital Health companies

I look at their strategic actions in this ambiguous field, with uncertain regulatory status. How do you build a business model capable to both leverage opportunities and respond to conflicting, ever changing demands from multiple stakeholders?

Please do connect with me if you want to find out more or to collaborate. I would love to know your opinions on these matters and hear your comments on my work.