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In this wrap up: What did our speakers say at the event? Or after? How could journalism change a (health) system? Blogs, interviews and sorts… The ICEEfest Academy has it all Numbers? What’s Dragos saying? ICEEfest 360… 

ICEEhealth, the first of its kind event in Romania, is dedicated to the future of health. ICEEfest, already at its 5th edition, is committed to drive innovation, and what can be more disruptive than innovation that runs deep in one of the most important parts of our lives – our health? Healthcare change is happening from the ground up. Right here, right now. One click at a time. At ICEEhealth, we believe we all have a part to play in (our) health – doctors, patients, pharma, insurers, researchers, healthcare providers, pharmacies, investors, designers, tech companies or regulators…

At the event…

Denise Silber, Doctors 2.0 & You


Denise Silber, Founder @ Doctors 2.0 & You: “I think ICEEfest is an amazing event, first of all for the location, the way it’s organised, big speakers, top teams and so many things going on that you can’t possible to get bored.”

Pamela Kato, Serious Games Institute


Pamela M. Kato, Ed.M., Ph.D @ Serious Games Institute: “Exciting, productive and fun!” #ICEEfest2016 #ICEEfest

Salvatore Iaconesi, Art is Open Source


Salvatore Iaconesi, Founder @ Art is Open Source, about #ICEEfest2016: “It’s been FANTASTIC!” #iceefest

Karolina Korth, Roche Diabetes Centre


ICEEfest, Bucharest, Romania. 11,020 likes · 119 talking about this · 2,009 were here. Interactive Central and Eastern Europe Festival | www.iceefest.com

Catalin Tolontan, Gazeta Sporturilor (in Romanian)


Cătălin Tolontan: “E un eveniment de care avem mare nevoie. Si mie îmi e teamă de fiecare dată că evenimentele de care avem mare nevoie vor dispărea la un moment dat” #iceefest2016 #iceefest


Doris Retfalvi, MedTech Engine, wrote from the event

ICEEfest 2016: digital innovations in Central and Eastern Europe

By Doris Retfalvi The Interactive Central and Eastern Europe Festival is one of the region’s largest conferences focusing on the Internet of Things. Bringing together 137 speakers from more than 17 countries to an audience of over 3,000, ICEEfest covers the full gamut of digital specialities, from content to e-commerce.

Through Lila Stavropoulou‘s eyes

ICEEhealth-CEE the future of healthcare (with images, tweets) · l_stavropoulou

10th of June 2016 Digital is transforming healthcare at an exhilarating pace through apps, wearables, telemedicine, liquid hospitals, gamification and more. ICEEhealth offers an interactive platform for learning and networking, which aims to draw together the entire eHealth ecosystem.

Catalin Tolontan at ICEEhealth

On April 25th, 2016, Gazeta Sporturilor blows up the bomb news that would shatter the country’s health system. The investigation carried out by journalists Mirela Neag, Răzvan Luţac and Cătălin Tolontan reveals that one of the top disinfectant producers at that time, Hexi Pharma, has been supplying diluted, diluted, ineffective products to over 350 hospitals in 40 Romanian cities.

Catalin Tolontan at ICEEfest about “How journalism can change a (health) system” | ICEEfest

About 3350 participants attended ICEEfest 2016 . Among the +120 speakers and international trainers invited to the festival, Catalin Tolontan was invited to a special session within ICEEhealth, a satellite event this year. Editor in Chief at Gazeta Sporturilor, Catalin and his team published in 2016 the biggest journalistic investigation of the past 25 years in Romania.

More on:

A collection of blogs, interviews and sorts

#ICEEhealth – CEE the future of health | ICEEfest

ICEEhealth is one of the new content streams at ICEEfest 2016, where we aim to see the major impact the digital has over the most important aspect of our lives: our health. Digital health (aka ehealth, mhealth) has evolved at an unbelievable pace over the last few years, fuelled by the proliferation of smartphones and sensing technologies (wearables included).

Dealing with cancer. Online. | ICEEfest

Salvatore is an artist. Salvatore is an engineer. Today, Salvatore teaches Interaction Design and cross-media practices at the Faculty of Architecture of “La Sapienza” University of Rome. But when he was 39 years old, Salvatore Iaconesi stood in front of a doctor who said: “You have brain cancer.” Emotions and questions Shock.

May the Geeks be with you! | ICEEfest

Cosmin Mihaiu, Alina Calin, Andrei Cantea and Liviu-Andrei Dascalu. Remember these 4 names. They aren’t part of a SF movie or a fairy tale. Although their work got a solid foundation in the gaming industry, the results apply to a level you can’t imagine: physical therapy.

The boundaries of 3D printing in healthcare | ICEEfest

After more than 20 years of experience and reserch in design and additive fabrication, Scott Summit works now to educate and enlighten a new generation of designers. He has held faculty positions at Carnegie Mellon and Stanford University, and currently lectures at Singularity University.

The impact digital solutions can have in the field of mental health | ICEEfest

is the co-founder of , an NGO involved in promoting mental health using digital solutions. The first two platforms developed gather relevant information about depression, anxiety disorders and schizophrenia. Mihai is coming to to talk about Atlas, a marketplace solution for online video psychotherapy, coaching and counselling services.

Be healthier. Digital solutions are one step away from you | ICEEfest

Meet Florin Cujba . Founder of the Tribe concept, he is a Lifestyle & Fitness Coach. With over 10 years of experience in Fitness, Florin is combining 4 important ingredients for a happy life: fitness, socialization/community, health and behavioral change.

Karolina Korth: “80% of the costs of the diabetes treatment can be avoided” | ICEEfest

Almost half a billion people worldwide suffer from diabetes. It is one of the diseases with the highest spread rate in the last decades. Business Development for digital health at Roche Diabetes Care, Karolina Korth is coming to ICEEhealth to give us the latest updates about how to live and fight with diabetes.

The road from SICKcare to HEALTHcare | ICEEfest

In 2011, Mircea Popa co-founded SkinVision , a company that develops image analysis algorithm that allows people to assess their moles using their smartphone. SkinVision is now the first CE certified melanoma app that offers easy and fast check of your skin health. We’ll find out more about the topic at ICEEhealth .

Digital Health: “Medicine is no longer only the concern of doctors” | ICEEfest

We have apps for our fitness sessions. We have games for the physical therapy. That’s part of the reason why Lavinia Ionita says medicine is a process which involves a lot more professional categories than doctors. After working for Marmottan Hospital and the American Hospital (both in Paris), Lavinia Ionita built her own practice based on a holistic approach.

Which is the role of the apps and wearables in healthcare? | ICEEfest

ICEEhealth is getting closer and closer. And with each passing day, our hearts beat a little faster. But, hei! We have some great heart rate monitor apps so we know when is time to take a break 😉 But this is a fact: there are 165k mobile health apps in the world.

Digital Health in Romania: from physical therapy to cardiology and autoimmune diseases | ICEEfest

Highly appreciated speakers from all over the world are coming at ICEEhealth / 10th of June, Bucharest. Salvatore Iaconesi/ La Cura (his story is here), Scott Summit/ Stanford University (remarkable examples from 3D Printing – on our blog), Carman Kobza/ CK1. Denise Silber/ Doctors 2.0&You and Alistair Wickens/ Quealth are just a few examples.

Pleased to see Cosmin Mihaiu from Mira Rehab featured in The Guardian, whilst interviewed at ICEEfest.

Physio games: how rehab is coming to a screen near you

For anyone who has spent months recovering from a shoulder injury, car accident or stroke, physiotherapy can be a slow and painful healing process. It also relies on a lot of repetitive exercises that can bore even the most self-disciplined of patients.

The ICEEfest Academy

The Academy is an online repository containing the most engaging speakers and the most thought provoking content of Interactive Central and Eastern Europe Festival 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. E-mail tickets@iceefest.com if you are a previous attendee to get your password or you may get access here.

Academy | ICEEfest

Academy is an online resource with the most engaging speakers and the most thought provoking content of Interactive Central and Eastern Europe Festival 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Need a password? Just e-mail us – tickets@iceefest.com – if you are a previous attendee.


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ICEEfest aftermath

ICEEfest doubled the number of participants in the past two years. What are the figures of 2016 edition? | ICEEfest

One of the most important internet & technology related festivals in Central and Eastern Europe, ICEEfest ended last week in Bucharest. Two main stages, 3 specialised stages and a special outdoor area, with a new concept of entertainment (Summer Playground received those coming to the 5th edition of the festival held at Grand Cinema & More from Baneasa Mall.

What’s Dragos saying?


Dragos Stanca, the festival founder, talking about ICEEfest 2016. #ICEEfest2016 #ICEEfest

In case you are wondering…, I agree.

Thank you ALL, audience, speakers and friends & CEE you next year!


Marius Geanta giving the final thoughts… – Lorena Macnaughtan | Facebook

Marius Geanta giving the final thoughts on the first #iceehealth ever – on how technology will change lives more than politics

Taking a bow…

Denise Silber on Twitter

Hello #Romania you’ve learned so much about #digitalhealth Congrats #iceehealth @L_Macnaughtan and Teampic.twitter.com/zEwpm02BRQ

Get the feel – ICEEfest 360


This is how #ICEEFest felt like in 2016, with a 360 degree view ! Thank you all !

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