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Mar 22, 2016

I am very happy to take part in the very first event Omixy is co-hosting (with General Assembly and WeWork).

More on Omixy‘s approach to health and digital health:

Omixy and the power of personalised medicine

By Doris Retfalvi As medical technology becomes increasingly digitised, simple procedures such as health check-ups can often get overlooked. Not for long though, as these will soon get a makeover with new online platform, , founded by Paris-based GP and business superwoman Dr Lavinia Ionita.


What is health, really? Find out from Lavinia Ionita, MD, and Omixy‘s CEO

Do you know what health really means? – Welcome to Omixy

Some things in life are so important that we can even label them “vital” – just like when we talk about “vital signs” in medicine. But, sometimes, we start to perceive even those vital elements as banal, as they can become simply normal and seemingly obvious.


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