Stanford Medicine X 2015 – The Impact #medx #medxhangover

Stanford Medicine X is a flagship conference in Digital Health which pushes through the convergence between medicine and emerging technologies, by embracing everybody: patients, doctors, researchers, technologists…

This year’s theme was Great eXpectations (see also my post All Eyes on Digital Health).

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I was very proud to take part and have an Ignite Talk on how and why Digital Health evolves with and around the empowered patient.

This post is a spin-off of my post on my experience at Stanford Medicine X and it focuses on the echo of the conference. This list may grow; it is an evolving post. Please contact me if you consider I should include particular content.

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Social impact

I heard Stanford Medicine X is a bubble… reality is harsh. True, to some extent. I believe it is more of a shrine… a place to replenish, aim high, and dare. The more, the stronger and it’s contagious… And so all these dreams add up and some become real, in time.

Lucien Engelen on Twitter

how the courageous @bmj is pursuing their #patientsincluded endeavour by @tessajlrichards her #medx talk … 1/2

Patients Included

“When I was presenting at medical and technology conferences around the world people used to talk about what the patient wants, or what the doctor wants, without a patient, doctor or nurse being in the room. This astonished me, and a real page turner for me was a conference in Dubai, where all the major telecom companies in the world were present.

Champions of Change

Nine Precision Medicine “Champions of Change” were honored at a White House event on Wednesday, July 8. I count everyone in that picture as a community colleague – and some as dear friends. My role at the event was to moderate a discussion with four of the Champions: Amy Gleason, Anish Sebastian, Hugo Campos, and Howard Look.

Stanford Medicine X on Twitter

Congrats #MedX ePatients Hugo Campos & Emily Kramer-Golinkoff & ’14 presenters Amy Gleason & Howard Look-Precision Med Champions of Change!

champions of change
Hugo Campos and Emily Kramer-Golinkoff both share their dreams with Stanford Medicine X (so does Susannah Fox, for that matter)

Social media echo

I will begin by trying to give you a sense of the conference. Below you see the dominant words in 2014.

Lorena Macnaughtan on Twitter

Empathy is one of the top words in #medx related social media. #patient comes 1st

Now, curtesy of  Thomas Lee (Symplur), ‘doctors‘ (plural!) only ranked 21st on the most common words used on Twitter in relation to #medx. Are you as surprised as I was?

This year:

Thomas M. Lee on Twitter

Most frequently used words at #MedX are two of my favorite things … patients and data.

or a snapshot taken on the 27th of September (last day of the conference) – sorry for the poor quality. Although ‘patient(s)’ are dominating, we see ‘data’ as quite dominant too. Happy to see ‘BMJ‘ between the top ones, as leader in pushing the envelop for patient participation in research.

Symplur 27st of sept







On Twitter, only for the three days of the conference, here are the numbers for #medx.

#medx Healthcare Social Media Analytics

Top Influencers of the #medx healthcare social media hashtag.

Below you find Twitter analytics since the Stanford Medicine X series of events started (23rd of September) until today (10th of October)… impressive!

#medx Healthcare Social Media Analytics

Top Influencers of the #medx healthcare social media hashtag.

Medxhangover blogs

Don’t forget to read my blogs here and here 🙂

Tessa Richards (BMJ Senior Editor)

I was so charmed and impressed by her…


What better place to debate how emerging technologies are transforming healthcare than the Silicon Valley? Bathed in sunshine, the Stanford University campus is a magnet for people with the vision and skills to create new futures, and Stanford Medicine X (#MedX) attracts health innovators from a wide range of disciplines.

Ally (ePatient)

After #MedX: The Big and The Little

A few weeks before attending Stanford Medicine X (#MedX) 2015, I wrote down my thoughts about life in the “Before #MedX” stage. I knew that this experience would be life-changing, inspiring, and empowering, but if I multiplied those factors by a billion, I still would have underestimated just how powerful the #MedX experience was for…

Natrice Rese (ePatient)

#Medx 2015 – A First “X” Perience for me……

What an exciting event, #Medx at Stanford in Palo Alto California was for me. This was my first ever trip to California, and my first ever trip to make a personal patient story about caregiving and the vulnerable. I arrived in California a day prior to #medx after a couple of travel delays and a…

Damian Roland (Clinician)


In a pub in Dublin in 2012, Mike Cadogan, an Australian emergency physician coined a term that would take social media by storm. Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM) and its accompanying hashtag #FOAMed would become synonymous with the output of enterprising emergency and critical care doctors.

Amos Adler (Founder of MEMOTEXT)

EmpathyX – My MedXHangover Elixer – MEMOTEXT

Posted on October 02, 2015 by Amos Adler Keywords: #MedXHangover #EmpathyX #MedXorcism, #ActionX So I’m currently suffering from what’s known as #MedXHangover. Its real, I assure you. Fortunately I don’t have #SyndromeX, a condition associated with attending uncomfortable doctor-patient simulations to simulate uncomfortable doctor-patient interactions. I was struck by MedX.


Home Is Wherever I’m With You

I’m currently out in Palo Alto, CA attending the Stanford Medicine X #MedX conference. A few hours into Day 2, and I know I need to get some thoughts down and try to dissemble the jumble of words floating around my head right now. Also, it’s a world full of cosmic coincidence, because I happen to…

Patients: If You’re Not First You’re Last

If I had to pick a constant in my life, something I hear and work towards continuously, and something that has been under the microscope for the past week and for the next three days, what would it be? That’s easy: patient first. Patients. ePatients. Patient advocate. Patient engagement. Patient advocacy.

My Tribe: How Sick Am I Really?

Everyone has put this so well: I’m with my tribe. I’m around everyone who gets me. Never have I felt this connected and synchronized in my entire life. These people at #MedX; these people are incredible. Their stories, their lives. So similar yet so different. I cannot even put into words how I feel right…

Ross Lordon (PhD Student in Biomedical Informatics)

Ross has actually a few very interesting posts. The links are included in the post below.

Medicine X 2015 Quick Recap

This year I was given the opportunity to attend Medicine X (Med X) at Stanford as a student engager. It was a fantastic opportunity and amazing experience. I was able to meet people from a diverse variety of backgrounds including e-patients, health care researchers, physicians, nurses, health care industry professionals, and members of the tech community.

Amol Utrankar (Medical Student)

MedX|Ed: Fast Four

Medicine X is an event that’s one part performance art, two parts academic conference, and three parts social movement. The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of awe and inspiration that’s left me speechless-sorry, tweet-less. First and foremost, I have to applaud Medicine X for its unique approach to medical education.

Bryan Vartabedian, MD FAAP

Medicine X – How Education Begins to Change – 33 Charts

Medicine is changing fast. Yet, the way we train doctors is not changing nearly as fast. It’s reflected in an education system built for 20th century. Over the past couple of days people began talking about it at a meeting called Medicine X | Ed.

Natalie (ePatient)


In the rare disease community, so much is written about finding people who share your same condition. And while that is indeed valuable, one of the most impactful parts of my MedicineX experience last weekend was how similar experiences are across varying conditions. That’s not necessarily a positive thing – the undercurrents of frustration, pain…

Timothy Dy Aungst, PHARMD.

How Might I Summarize What I learned at #MedX Ed?

We were challenged at the end of MedX by Dr. Chu to think of “how might we” change an aspect of medical education. I wanted to think of how I might summarize my experiences, and think of how to bring this back to my teaching modalities.

My First #MedXEd Experience: Day 1

So this is going to be my attempt to take notes and live blog my experiences to the MedXEd Conference at Stanford. In all honesty, I’m greatly excited! This will be my notes of my experience, and some musings. I will condense it in the future.

#MedXEd Workshops: Day 2 Live Blog

So time to start day 2 of MedXEd! I am very excited, but for those that read my previous post on Day 1, a forewarning, this day is workshop oriented, and I wont be in every workshop, so I will be only writing on what I see.

Prevail Health Solution (Digital Health tech company)

Stanford MedX Conference – Palos Altos, California

Stanford MedX Conference – Palos Altos, CaliforniaBridging the Disconnect in Behavioral Health:Solutions for the 21st Century PatientSunday, September 27th, 2015Prevail Health Solution’s CEO, Richard Gengler, served on a panel last week at Stanford’s MedX conference. The conference was focused on technology’s role in transforming the future of behavioral health.

Keith Grimes (General Practitioner)

I’ve been promising to start blogging for so long now it’s gone beyond a joke to my friends and assumed some kind of ghostly constancy: a measure of my failure to put my money where my mouth is and talk more online about my thoughts and wishes for Digital Health Innovation, Medicine, and all things care related.

Jennifer Salopek

At Stanford #MedX | ED, Breakthroughs and a Prescription for Change

By Jennifer J. Salopek As editor of Wing of Zock for the past four years, I have had the honor of learning about hundreds, perhaps thousands, of innovative ideas to reimaging medical education. On the first day of the inaugural Stanford Medicine X | ED conference Wednesday, I got enough new ideas to fuel a year’s worth of posts.

Steven M. Christiansen MD (Ophthalmology resident)

Stanford Medicine X – Remove your filters, embrace the colors! –

Let me share with you a few insights so far on Stanford Medicine X 2015 (MedX), but first, let’s talk about colored filters, how our individual filters blind our perspective, and why we must remove our individual filters in order to make the most of Medicine X.

Medx official hangover (or related)


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