You, Me and Digital Health


This is ICEEfest! This year, we had the first stage dedicated to Digital Health, ICEEhealth, with fabulous speakers and great audience – see the wrap up.

A bit more about my work and the Digital Economy Institute, with tech artist and photography superstar Kris Krug.

Kris Krug, Me and Digital Health, Interface Summit 2015, 29 Sept, 2015, Vancouver, Canada.

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Events September 16-19, 2016 Look forward to go back to Stanford this year! Together with my colleague, Pepita Stringer, will be hosting a workshop My Genomic Life (AKA The G Files). More information soon… June 10, 2016 This was the first digital health event held in Bucharest, under the umbrella of the well established, excellent ICEEfest.